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     PFC Testing Options and Costs  

    There has been detections of Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) in Merrimack and Litchfield found by NH DES testing.  PFOA is a type of perfluorochemcial (PFC) that has been an an ingredient for decades in some manufacturing processes.  We are unable to test for PFOA or PFCs in-house.  We are able to accept these samples and sub-contract the testing to another laboratory out of state.  Please call or visit Request a Test Kit for bottles.  For more information, please see the NH DES Press Release

    Option 1 - Short List-$200

    • Tests for a list of 6 PFC compounds, including PFOA
    • Does not test for Perfluorobutanoic Acid (PFBA), Perfluoropentanoic Acid (PFPeA), Perfluorhexanoic Acid (PFHxA).  These compounds have been detected in Southern New Hampshire groundwater during the PFOA investigation.
    Option 2 - Full List- $573
    • NH Department of Environmental Services (DES) recommended list of 22 PFC compounds.